"I have always been drawn to the emotions that music brings. On and off stage. That is what I try to capture every night."

Rodrigo Simas

  • "Rodrigo, who I didn't know, was a wonderful surprise at a recent photo shoot in Lisbon. Great taste, fast and consistent. I recommend it with enthusiasm."

    Ivan Lins

  • "Rodrigo captures moments of wonder and mystery and shares how he hears music through his photography. I love his art!"

    Jeff Coffin

  • "He is an ace photographer. He knows exactly the time of the click, the right time to perpetuate moments. When he's shooting a show, he gets emotional with us and creates an image with that emotion, latent and eternal."

    Hamilton de Holanda

  • "Rodrigo Simas' eye captures the sound of the scene, like a guitar that electrifies, a saxophone that seduces or even the singer that magnetizes, eternalizing the instant."

    Carlos Malta